About Us - Refugee Resettlement Service in Bristol, Birmingham and Wolverhampton 

Ashley Community Housing is a thriving social enterprise that puts people before profits. ‘Community’ is at the heart of everything we do as we empower positive change throughout communities in the West of England and the West Midlands. 
Since 2008 we have successfully resettled over 2000 individuals from refugee backgrounds– developing their independence, promoting their positive contribution to the community and easing their integration into UK life. 
The UK government and the EU are under increased pressure to both accommodate and provide long-term support for these frequently vulnerable people. This is why we have successfully developed an effective service over the past seven years which eases the strain on the public purse and helps those in need. We have also developed initiatives which are outside of statutory service provision, however, complement it. 
Unlike other organisations which place too much emphasis on processing numbers, we deal with individuals who each have unique needs, skills and ambitions. Many of our staff, including our CEO, have lived experience as former refugees, meaning we have produced a tried and tested resettlement service that is culturally responsive. 
We are the only organisation in the UK with this unique perspective and this is something we are very proud of! 
However, our tenants’ journey does not simply end with a house and a helping hand. Through the establishment of our subsidiary training arm 'Himilo Training 'we are committed to providing our tenants with independence through the development of their language, IT literacy and employability skills. 
Our numerous success stories prove that the personalised service we offer has long-term benefits for our tenants. Need any more convincing? Take a look at our Capability Statement
Our Vision 
To be the nationally recognised leader in the refugee sector, driving change and transforming lives through the dedication and unique expertise of our staff. 
Our Mission 
Our mission is to support the settlement and resettlement needs of refugees, vulnerable homeless and other displaced people, to develop their independence, promote their positive contribution to the community and ease their integration into UK life.