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Bristol businesses shortlisted for Lloyds national awards 

Ashley Community Housing have been shortlisted for the Positive Social Impact award in the Lloyds National Business Awards 2017.  
Article in The Bristol Magazine 24/07/17. 

'Challenging perceptions of refugees will help us to make a difference.' - Chartered Institute of Housing blog 

We were pleased to be asked to write a blog for the Chartered Institute of Housing about our #rethinkingrefugee campaign. This blog was published on 05/06/17. 

Unaccompanied children: compassionately investing in our future - 24housing 

Children by their very nature need love, care and protection. Lord Alf Dub’s amendment to the immigration act, which ensured Theresa May’s government let in the most vulnerable people from countries such as Syria, was a firm step in the right direction. 

'Refugee homes funded by £1m ethical investment' - 24housing 

A new funding model to help refugees across the UK has been introduced by Ashley Community Housing. 
ACH differs from many Housing Associations in that it currently works on a leasehold model, leasing residential properties from private landlords and local Councils in order to be able to quickly react to need... 

A refugee tale: ‘My second family’ - 24housing 

Housing providers have for a long time helped those in most need, from those who are homeless to those with mental health issues. Now refugees are needing the same help. 

The importance of language lessons to refugee integration - BBC Points West 

'Not business as usual' - The Bristol Cable 

New year, new media coverage forACH! 
We were featured in the Bristol Cable on 13/01/17. 
"Another short swerve off Stapleton Road, based at the Easton Business Centre, is refugee support organisation Ashley Community Housing (ACH). Its CEO Fuad Mahamed points to the Sweet Mart as an example of a successful business started from the ground up, and proof that refugees and other newly arrived migrants to the city are an untapped resource. " 
Ashley Community Housing call for landlords - BBC Points West interview 7/11/16 via Youtube 
24Housing article on refugees
Changing perceptions to reach more landlords 
Our CEO outlines our approach to reaching more landlords by challenging refugee perception. 
We’re currently facing the most serious refugee crisis in the last twenty years, with the highest number of displaced people since World War Two. Ashley Community Housing was established in 2008 with an aim to support these people by offering them affordable housing along with training and education so they can become integrated into society. Our housing model works by leasing properties from local landlords. 
The Bristol Wire  
The Bristol Post recently reported that thirteen pupils from St Bede’s Catholic College had been invited to join Mensa after scoring highly on IQ tests which firmly placed them in the category of ‘genius’. Bristol has its fair share of talented pupils yet, by only encountering images of the city’s brainiest pupils in the media, it can be easy to forget about pupils who continue to fall through the cracks in Bristol’s educational system. Digging a little deeper into the 2016 collective results table reveals that schools in Bristol are struggling. For every carefully selected and positioned statistic there are figures that we don’t see which show that Bristol schools are predominantly failing pupils from inner-city areas. 
Big Centre TV  
"4th April 2016. Each year - around 4000 refugees will be settled in towns and cities up and down the country. To support this - a West Midlands based community housing group are launching a new campaign - in a bid to steer away from any stereotypes surrounding these people in need. Roshni Patel has this report." 
Migrants Rights 
Social enterprise, Ashley Housing, has launched a ‘rethinkingrefugee’ social media campaign. It aims to abandon stereotypes and move towards an understanding of refugees as humans with unique personalities, skills and ambitions. The organisation's own experience in working with refugees has had significant influence on the campaign. 
Bradley Stoke Radio 
"Clive talks to Tom, Naomi and Rachel (Ashley Community Housing (ACH), Support Workers), during The Monday Community Show. They talk about how ACH support the settlement and resettlement needs of refugees, vulnerable homeless and other displaced people in the Bristol area. If you would like further information, please visit their website:" 
Bristol Post 
DRESSED in his neat winter jacket and perfectly white shirt and cuff links, Fuad Mahamed is a long way from the Somalia he abandoned on his desperate dash to the UK at the age of 16. Now, more than a decade since his arrival Fuad proudly runs an organisation helping refugees and asylum-seekers just like his former self settle in Bristol with a new life. 
Sadly, his story of escape from one of the most brutal conflicts of the time to the safety of the UK and Bristol is a familiar one. 
Bristol Post 
IN November last year David spent an unknown number of hours in the darkness of a lorry being smuggled into England. 
The political refugee was on the last leg of a journey from the Horn of Africa organised by people smugglers promising a safe passage away from a “brutal regime” where his life was in danger. David, now living in Eastville, is still uncomfortable talking about his home. Although he is roughly 4,000 miles from his country, he still fears for his family who he was forced to leave behind. 
Bristol Post 
A BRISTOL housing association has been nominated in this year's National Business Awards. Ashley Community Housing, based in Montpelier, is up for the Social Enterprise of the Year category after successive years of growth. The award, which will be handed out in November, celebrates organisations which "exist to address a social or environmental need". 
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