ACH working with Citizens UK 

Article by:  
Matthew Rogers 
Marketing & Communications Officer | ACH Bristol 
Citizens UK, Birmingham is an independent membership alliance of civil society institutions acting together for the common good of the city. Founded in 2013, they have trained over 300 leaders on acting in public life through the method of community organising, and facilitated the participation of over 1500 people in public action, building accountable relationships with those in power in the city. 
Ashley Community Housing are pleased to have become a member of Citizens UK in Birmingham. Osman Ishal, Ashley Community Housing Regional Manager, sees this as an important partnership: “We see a real synergy between the work that we do on refugee resettlement and integration, and the work Citizens UK do on the National Living Wage, ESOL provision and integration within local communities.” 
Key to this new partnership is our shared focus on refugee resettlement. Citizens UK are at the forefront of organising people around resettling Syrian refugees in the UK, and were instrumental in gaining Council commitment to resettle 500 in Birmingham. They are an active member of our #rethinkingrefugee campaign, taking part in the panel discussion at our Birmingham Rethinking Refugees Conference. Alongside this they are also working with us on our research partnership with CREME (Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship), which is looking to unlock the potential of migrant businesses in Birmingham. 
We are looking forward to working with them to hold politicians and decision-makers to account on the important issues of refugee resettlement and integration. 
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