Collaborating with Coventry University 

Article by:  
Rose Adderley  
Content Marketing Intern | ACH Bristol 
Ashley Community Housing have been working closely with Coventry University and a number of their students who were interested in finding case studies outlining leadership and strategic management within a business. The project was a collaboration between Coventry University and the Chartered Management Institute
Osman Ishal, Regional Manager for Ashley Community Housing in the West Midlands, was interviewed by Michael Goatman, Head of Department of Industrial Design at Coventry University, to find out more about Ashley Community Housing, including the strengths and weaknesses of the business. You can see the full interview here
Osman then gave the students ideas of the challenges Ashley Community Housing are facing, allowing them to write detailed portfolios about our organisation. These gave us plenty of food for thought on progressing the business. 
In June 2017 the Chartered Management Institute and Coventry University held an awards ceremony, where Ashley Community Housing Board Member, John Wells, presented our favourite and most accomplished case study an award. This went to Sarika Gadher – congratulations Sarika! We were honoured to be a part of this study and received some great ideas and feedback from this which is invaluable to our business. 
To collaborate with Ashley Community Housing in a similar way please contact for more information. 
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