Growth in Wolverhampton 

Article by:  
Lea Fanara  
Support Worker | ACH Wolverhampton 
At ACH we strongly believe in our approach to integration. Our tested model offers our tenants a holistic approach to ensuring a positive progression towards individual goals. Some are looking to secure permanent accommodation, others may require advice on money management, whilst some may need guidance in gaining valuable skills that will enable them to access the British labour market. 
At the Wolverhampton branch we have been pushing to provide our service to new client groups that could benefit. For safety and cultural sensitivity reasons, all of accommodation is male or female only. Up until recently, our tenants were male only, however, we now have our first house with female tenants. We have been happy to support our female tenants and get to know them. 
One of our most recent tenants who moved on was Shelter. Shelter joined us after her NASS support ended and she was made homeless. When joining ACH, she had two key targets in mind that she needed support with in order to gain her independence. The first was to get a job in the care sector, and the second was to secure permanent accommodation in Wolverhampton. She was quickly referred to our BBO training team. Working closely with James, our Training Officer, she was supported in making progress on her career path. She was assisted in making various online applications, in updating her CV, and registering for several care recruitment agencies. She was then booked on to a care course with Job change which will help her to gain a Level 1 in Care certificate, a health and safety certificate, a manual handling certificate, and first aid training. Each of these steps has helped Shelter to grow in confidence when searching for work and she is optimistic about finding employment soon with her new qualifications gained. At the same time, whilst living with ACH, Shelter was supported in making her housing bids and understanding the steps she would need to take regarding her housing benefit and rates. She soon began viewing properties and was able to secure a flat in early May. She is now really pleased to be moving forward and gaining her independence. 
We wish Shelter the very best and look forward to hearing about where she will go to next as she continues to be supported by James. We are really excited to continue to support more female tenants to enable their empowerment and integration in to the City of Wolverhampton. 
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