Hediel – Meet the Team 

Article by:  
Matthew Rogers  
Marketing & Communications Officer | ACH Bristol w/ Hediel 
What did you do before coming to ACH? 
I’ve worked in the education sector for the last 8 years in both a pastoral capacity as well as an English teacher. 
Why did you decide to come to ACH? 
I wanted to move away from the mainstream education sector and work within a community setting. 
What project are you working on for us? 
I’m currently working part-time on the Black Country Click Start project. 
What is it that you want to achieve? 
I want to help empower the economically and socially disadvantaged communities Ashley works with to overcome the obstacles and challenges they may face by providing effective and relevant training. 
What are you hoping to gain from Ashley Housing? 
The opportunity to gain a wider range of experience and knowledge which will help me further develop my current skills and abilities. 
What is your proudest moment in your career? 
I don’t really have a proudest moment, but I would like to think the highlights of my career have been when I have been able to help someone move forward in their life. 
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