Himilo Training welcomes community to launch event 

Article by:  
Philip Mantom  
Training Manager | ACH Birmingham 
Ashley Community Housing/Himilo Training recently hosted a partnership lunch for a range of community agencies to launch the SSU project. 
SSU is a Skills Support for the Unemployed contract from the Skills Funding Agency, part of the Department for Skills and Education; the project is aimed at unemployed people who want help to find a job, where that job needs additional training or learning to bring it within reach. 
The event was held at the new Himilo training centre in Smethwick not far from the Cape Hill Housing Office and was attended by over 40 people from 26 different organisations. Our training staff worked tirelessly to meet as many of the people as possible and to make new links that can support tenants and learners alike. We were joined by our new ESOL Volunteers led by Lucy Williamson and Hannah Wetz, who shared the new learning project with the attendees. Food was supplied by a local café and all disappeared very quickly, and while the room was quieter while people ate it was soon buzzing again to lots of excited conversations about who could help whom and how we can work together. 
The Himilo Training Team would like to thank Ayaan Said for her hard work in setting up the event and we now have a long list of people to go-see! 
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