Influencing International Policy 

Article by:  
Matthew Rogers  
Marketing & Communications Officer | ACH Bristol 
On Wednesday 5th July ACH were represented in Brussels at the launch of the European Asylum Support Office’s annual report on asylum and migration in the EU. 
The EU dealt with 1.3m refugees last year. They were primarily from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Nigeria. The main countries under pressure from this are Greece and Italy. The flows across the Aegean from Turkey have slowed and the EU-Turkey agreement pays for the integration of refugees in Turkey, where they are allowed to work. 
We made useful contacts made with the European Asylum Support Office, and have been invited to make an input to their next annual report and to take part in their consultative council. We also linked up with an NGO in Romania (who now want refugees due to ageing population and outward migration) as well as an international church group and others from Poland and Italy. 
You can read more about the event at: 
Or access the full report at: 
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