Rethinking the Economic Development of Somalia through Job Creation and Entrepreneurship 

Article by:  
Matthew Rogers 
Marketing & Communications Officer | ACH Bristol 
Somalia, like other so called fragile states, has been the recipient of a huge volume of development assistance from a wide range of donors over recent years. Yet whilst welcomed, much of this assistance has been “top down” and very large in scale and often not reaching the grassroots. Such assistance can even, unintentionally, undermine the role of the state in such situations. It is important to enhance interaction and understanding between the state, civic society and the private sector. How can diaspora and related organizations with practical experience and knowledge contribute to small scale, bottom up interventions which stimulate development and both build capacity and directly benefits communities? 
A successful workshop event was organised to coincide with the London Development Conference on Somalia, which was attended by over 50 people from a wide range of organisations on Monday 8th May 2017 in London. The event heard from a number of speakers including Fuad Mahamed, CEO of Himilo Training and was followed by positive conversations and discussions around economic development, and some key issues were identified in relation to a way ahead. The next steps will take place in Mogadishu and Hargeisa, with our partners Global Somali Diaspora and Fursad Fund. 
Zakariya Hussein (Global Somali Diaspora) 
Fuad Mahamed (CEO, Himilo Training) 
Deeq Mohamed Afrika (Executive Director, Fursad Fund) 
Abdullahi Osman (Director of Hormuud Telecom Foundation) 
Abdi Aynte (former Somali Minister of Planning and International Cooperation) 
Prof Monder Ram (Birmingham University) 
Jawaahir Daahir (Somali Development Services) 
Zahra Shirwa (Global Somali Diaspora) 
Chair: Dr Idil Osman (SOAS) 
Sado Jirde (BSWN) 
We will be circulating the Outcome Report over the coming month. 
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