Sandwell: #rethinkingrefugee event 

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Matthew Rogers 
Marketing & Communications Officer | ACH Bristol 
Rethinking Refugee Event: Sandwell 
10th October 2017 
2pm - 4pm 
This #rethinkingrefugee event follows on from our successful events in Birmingham and Wolverhampton, as we aim to introduce our innovative practices and ideas to the Sandwell community. It is being held as part of Local Democracy Week and focuses on refugee resettlement and integration. Presentations and discussions will cover the untapped economic potential of the refugee asset within the area, and how to see refugees as assets rather than liabilities. 
Since the industrial revolution Sandwell has been host for a diverse and complex community. The latest phase of this includes refugees from conflict areas across the globe. 
The challenge is not to necessarily take in more people, but to make sure that those who are here are fully integrated. Integration is not a moment in time, but a long-term process that takes investment. 
Our approach sees employment and economic opportunity as being at the heart of the integration process. That way refugees become independent and self-reliant and at the same time we all benefit from their skills and commitment in the local economy. A limited amount of targeted support can help achieve that. 
Ashley Community Housing will be presenting our ground-breaking approach to refugee resettlement and integration at this event, revealing how to rethink refugees as beneficial contributors to society rather than a burden. 
The agenda will include Keynote speakers from Ashley Community Housing and key partner organisations. 
Click here to register your attendance via Eventbrite. 
Date & Time: 
10th October 2017 
2pm - 4pm including networking 
The Council Chamber 
Sandwell Council House 
Freeth Street 
B69 3DE 
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