Unchosen - Stay Safe From Slavery 

Article by:  
Matthew Rogers 
Marketing & Communications Officer | ACH Bristol 
Stay Safe from Slavery is a modern slavery prevention project that focuses on creating tailored resources to raise awareness of modern slavery amongst people who are particularly vulnerable to exploitation – specifically the homeless, young people in care and care leavers, refugees and asylum seekers. The aim of the project is to prevent these groups becoming victims of modern slavery in the first place. 
As part of the exploratory study, Unchosen created several partnerships with local partners (frontline workers and local authorities), in order to have a clear understanding of the needs of their vulnerable audience, and to suggest the best resources and delivery methods. Partnership working of this kind also aims to deepen frontline worker networks and the debate about modern slavery among professionals. 
Ashley Community Housing were pleased to be part of the exploratory study and are now a partner organisation in their study/report on modern day slavery. 
Find out more about the project at http://unchosen.org.uk/ 
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