Volunteering at ACH Wolverhampton 

Article by:  
Lea Fanara  
Support Worker | ACH Wolverhampton w/Mansour 
At ACH, our tenants are supported throughout the tenancy to integrate into British society. A huge part of this is finding employment that is more than an entry-level job. We always want our tenants to aim high and find suitable career paths despite the many obstacles they face as refugees. A great way to begin this journey is through volunteering. We decided to take a volunteer for 2 months in Wolverhampton to help out in our office. Mansour has been our tenant since late July 2016 and here is what he had to say about his experience: 
1. Why do you like living at ACH? 
They are a great company. Anyone who requests help with a problem, is helped until  
this problem is solved. 
2. Why did you decide to volunteer with ACH? 
I wanted to put myself in a completely different environment in order to improve my  
language skills. I also wanted to gain some experience of working in an office  
3. What did you job entail? 
I helped to welcome customers in the office, I did some cleaning of the refreshments  
area, I helped to interpret Farsi for customers that spoke little English, and I helped to  
accompany people to the Job Centre when needed. 
4. What have you learnt in this experience? 
I have gained some valuable experience of working in an office environment, I have  
learnt to talk to people in a professional manner and I know how the office is organised. 
5. What are you hopes for the future? 
I would love to work for a company like ACH. I would like to work as a translator if  
A very big thank you to Mansour for his help and we wish him the very best in future. 
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