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Delivering Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) in a community setting provides opportunities for people to gain access to culturally and environmentally appropriate career advice services, which cater to their needs. This is what we do at Ashley Community Housing. 
Inner city residents face the challenges which are endemic to their area, including deprivation, low levels of skills, high unemployment rates and lack of job opportunities. On the other hand, their resilience and social and cultural capital, which help them overcome these challenges, are often overlooked. One of the ways which can be explored, and can take advantage of what these residents can offer to the economy is a career advice services delivered in a community setting. A point in case is a young female who holds a non-UK accountancy degree who has been working as a cleaner, whom our CEIAG service helped secure a work experience placement in a local firm. 
Becoming “visible” was more important for her than working in a small company which provides professional services. This is because she felt that her skills and qualifications were valued and respected, and she felt more motivated to improve her professional career development; in comparison to her cleaning job, where she felt “invisible”, regardless of her low-income earnings. 
Being professionally invisible is detrimental to the social mobility of people from migrant communities and/or Black and Minority Ethnic communities – as well as those labelled as disadvantaged communities – because it does not only affect the progress they intend to make in their working life, but it affects the aspirations of their children too. For example, according to our data more than 45% of participants have professional qualifications, 50% of those are graduates, 8% have masters degrees or postgraduate qualifications, 16% have gained diplomas and 25% hold Level 2 and 3 qualifications. The majority of them, however, are under-employed, working in low-paid jobs. This is a big loss to our economy, both locally and nationally. 
Evidently, our data also shows the position of a father with engineering qualifications who is working as a warehouse operative at the moment, has influenced his son not to achieve his professional ambitions: although he has IT qualifications, he is currently working in a call centre. 
Nevertheless, help is on hand to these communities. The CEIAG services on offer at Ashley Community Housing provides opportunities for all: job seekers, under-employed professional and employers. 
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