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IBM Technology Roadmap 

Article by:  
Rose Adderley  
Marketing & Communications Assistant | ACH Bristol 
Technology is always changing and evolving; we want to make sure we are changing and evolving alongside this. To achieve this we have been working with IBM through their Impact Grants which provide consulting expertise and technologies to support educational and non-profit organisations. The initial discussion began with a strategy day with IBM where key staff members from various departments across ACH attended to give their views on the technology needs of the company. 
IBM put together a component business model which identifies all activities within our business that help us carry out our mission. Staff then fed back on this in 3 main ways: 
• The activities that are the most important to the backbone of the company 
• Any improvements staff personally thought activities needed 
• Identifying data and information problems within activities 
This created a clear view of what ACH needs to do. By overlaying views to show how tasks are currently done, what business rules are applied and what technology is already used helps to identify opportunities for improvements and evidence of what needs to be done. We are keen to launch a new digital strategy for ACH and with this information and expertise from IBM we can now work on our plans for the future. 
Several other sessions took place which all focused on different teams and locations within the business to give IBM a 360 degree view of our company. Within these sessions there were activities such as stakeholder road-mapping and brainstorming. 
The next steps we will be taking are to appoint ownership of our outlined initiatives given from IBM, get board members to outline what technologies we want to incorporate into the business and create a structured plan for implementing these correctly across all teams. 
“The roadmap will enable us to integrate our technology systems in a cost-effective way” says Abdi Mohamed, Company Secretary. 
This is an exciting next step for ACH and we are looking forward to growing as a company, which will enable us to help more people. A big thank you to the staff at IBM who worked with us so closely on this project and to our staff who took time out to give their own feedback and contributions. 
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