Jobs for refugees with Starbucks 

Article by:  
Rose Adderley  
Marketing & Communications Assistant | ACH Bristol 
Our partnership with Starbucks is already a success. They have pledged to employ 10,000 refugees globally over the next 5 years, which includes 2,500 in eight European countries, and are working alongside like-minded businesses who can support them with this goal. In the UK, Starbucks are partnering with a number of key refugee organisations and we are proud to be one of them. 
Refugees represent a population who seek a chance to rebuild their lives and have a fresh start in the face of extraordinarily difficult circumstances, and for Starbucks their talent, experience and resilience will enrich the communities they serve around the world. 
Our training arm, Himilo, and Starbucks have been working side-by-side to make this pledge a reality here in the UK. On 6th – 10th November 2017, Himilo ran a Bristol course specifically aimed at refugees who wanted to work for the coffee company. The course saw a total of 8 refugees attend, learning about customer service, key language skills and the Starbucks brand. 
On the last day of the course, Kya and Anita from Starbucks came along to give a presentation to the learners and conducted mock interviews as preparation for real interviews the following week. 
7 learners went to interviews with Starbucks in Bristol, and 3 of them were successfully put through to the next stage of recruitment and matched to a local store. 
Kya said, “the interviewing managers were very impressed with the calibre of the candidates.” 
We are pleased to say that one of the candidates has already been offered a permanent role. He completed his store interview and received an offer of employment from Starbucks. 
We will be running another course in February 2018 to continue helping refugees into quality jobs. We will also be supporting the candidates who were unsuccessful by following up with them and continuing to build on their skills. 
If your business would like to work with us to employ refugees, contact 
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