West Midlands team-building day 

Article by:  
Matthew Rogers 
Marketing & Communications Officer | ACH Bristol 
On 5th December ACH Birmingham and ACH Wolverhampton staff took part in a team building workshop at Fazeley Studios in Birmingham. The event was organised in order to take stock of what we have accomplished in the West Midlands this year and to look forward for the future. 
The day started with a presentation by our West Midlands Regional Manager, Osman Ishal, on where we are now, where we are going and how we are going to get there. 
In order to make the day interactive and engaging to staff, this was followed by a workshop where all staff broke out into smaller groups, which were facilitated by Team Leaders. Each group looked at their respective department and examined what they are doing well, what they can do better, and what more they can do. At the end of the workshop each group fed back to the whole room, and Team Leaders will be reporting back to their teams in January on any progress made. 
This session was followed by a branding discussion, led by Matt Rogers from the ACH Bristol marketing team. 
The afternoon saw the highlight of the day, a team building challenge known as the Enigma Challenge. This involved 3 teams competing to complete as many challenges as possible over 90 minutes. It was stimulating and, most importantly, fun – helping to bring the different teams together as everyone was working with people outside of their immediate team. Challenges involved tasks such as filming your team doing various impressions and dance moves, building free-standing structures using no sellotape and difficult memory games. We discovered that ACH employees are very competitive! The winners were well-deserved and went home triumphant with trophy in hand. 
West Midlands Regional Manager, Osman Ishal, gave us his thoughts on the day: “It was great for me to share the insights we can now extract about our clients from the information the teams have been gathering on a day-to-day basis. In the workshops that followed my presentation, the team immediately started to work on the challenges and opportunities raised and took ownerships of them. I definitely noticed that they become more empowered, the lively discussions and ideas I saw flying about attested to that. It was brilliant to see everyone engaged and enthused at the end of the day.” 
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