Our Tenants' Journey 
Ashley Community Housing has committed itself to the development of a life- transforming service and this is nowhere more apparent than within our personal, job and employability skills provision. This is a tailored programme that ensures tenants becomes personally resilient and are able to move onto independent living. 
The key outcome for this is that... 
no tenant shall return to homelessness 
or long-term unemployment. 
The support Ashley Community Housing provides has a degree of flexibility and can be delivered in a way that enables each individual to move on to private accommodation and reduces their risk of falling back into unemployment and homelessness. 
Making a Difference 
When tenants first arrive at Ashley Community Housing there are many barriers to them accessing vital services. It is up to our culturally competent support workers to establish a personalised support plan for each individual tenant to help them break down these barriers. 
"Before coming to Ashley Community Housing the majority of tenants couldn’t even fill in forms. Using help from the community and staff we are able to provide support across a number of different languages." 
Tom - Support Worker 
refugee journey